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An autopsy of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5s


Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5s is already on sale, though the announcement took place a few days ago. To specialists portal iFixit has not yet arrived, so the Chinese «pathologists» was the first to take it apart. Look at what they came out of it. As it turned out, inside the …

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New Apple MacBook Pro coming in October


Before the release of the new Apple MacBook Pro laptops, as it turned out, there is very little time: it’s been said that they will be released in the fall, and now assigned a more precise date — literally the next month. The information came from insiders, and it may …

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Cubot Manito with 3 GB RAM costs only $ 100


Started selling the recently announced smartphone Cubot Manito, which forced other manufacturers to reconsider their pricing policies. The fact that he stands as a budget phone, but inside it filling from middling to good with a half or even two times higher price. Cubot Manito valued at 100 us dollars, …

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Xiaomi announces flagship Mi metallic 5s 5s Mi Plus


Company Xiaomi showed the world their new flagship smartphone Mi Mi 5s and 5s Plus is positioned as one of the most powerful means of communication worldwide. One glance at them, it becomes clear to deal with what cell phones they were produced: they absolutely to flash other Android smartphones, …

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Smartphone, Vernee Mars


Vernee company announced the smartphone Mars, which had so long advertised in the Internet through teasers and notes in the news of China. Unfortunately, the smartphone failed to meet expectations and did not become the killer of seven «IPhone», and with Chinese new flagships, not to compete, although it is …

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Современные мониторы samsung


Современные мониторы, могут быть различными, но самое главное, что даже качественные модели, сегодня остаются доступными, если выбрать достойный бренд. Например — samsung, это хороший производитель, который обеспечивает достойными показателями, как для профессиональной работы, так и для любительской. Цены в любом случае, сохраняются доступные и наиболее интересные для обеспечения наиболее актуального решения. …

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