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Julia Roberts shared the secrets of his personal life

Джулия Робертс поделилась секретами личной жизниJulia Roberts told about her life with her husband

51-year-old Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has more than 16 years living in marriage with an American cinematographer Daniel Moder. However, recently in the media often write about divorce.

The other day Julia Roberts, which usually leaves various rumors aside, decided to comment on the news about the divorce with her husband. So, the actress said that it’s all fiction, and its very very annoying news of this nature.

«Terribly uncomfortable to go to the store and see the tabloids with headlines about my upcoming divorce! One week they write: «the Divorce will cost 150 million dollars», and the very next amount has already grown to 275 million… to get used to such «support» easy life» — confessed celebrity.

Moreover, the celebrity noted that the most difficult is that all of these rumors have some way to hide it from the kids. After all, the heirs may believe in the veracity of «yellow» headlines.

«The most difficult thing is to hide all this stuff from children. So Yes, bullying in the tabloids hurts my feelings. Because I’m very proud of my marriage to Danny Moder!», — concluded Julia.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder married in July 2002. The happy couple has three children — 14-year-old hazel Patric and Phinneas Walter and 11-year-old Henry Daniel

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