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It makes no sense to put children with myopia on the first school Desk

Нет смысла сажать детей с близорукостью на первую парту в школе

The tradition to put children on the front Desk in the school comes from the past, when it was decided to prescribe glasses for children not in full correction and such children are not very well seen from the last rows. I remember when I was in residency at the pediatric eye clinic at ulitsa Mytnaya hanging table Sivtseva, where was emphasized the sixth line. I don’t remember what the theoretical framework is subsumed under this, but points discharged so that the child saw the sixth place.

Parents sometimes say that it needs to eye worked, however, it is clear that the eye does not do any work when you look into the distance. Why all this was so arranged now is not important, it is important that part-time correction can indeed be hard to see from the last row. It is not reasonable to prescribe glasses according to incomplete correction, but it is understandable recommendation was to sit in the front row at school.

Now, in most cases, ophthalmologists prescribe the full correction of myopia with glasses or contact lenses. In this correction, there is no need to sit in the first row. However, parents very often insist on a statement such recommendations. Are they right? Of course not. There is simply no need to sit in the first or second row, you just have to use those means of correction that are more like. It is not useful and does not prevent further deterioration of vision.

Maybe still some children need to sit in the first row?

Yes, you have. Those children who suffer from this eye disease that is not correctable with glasses and contact lenses, or children who are assigned to the atropine treatment for progressive myopia.

There are diseases that lead to loss of vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. In such diseases, the child may be recommended first Desk that the child can see what is written not the Board. In addition, such a child is allowed to stand up during a lesson, to come to the Board closer to examine it better. Such problems in children does not happen often, but there are.


In most cases the desire to put the child in the first or second row in class is not justified, it is sufficient to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, for a child to see well from any distance.


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