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In China, the cloning of cats put on stream


The approximate cost of cloning will be around $55 000.Chinese scientists want a large scale clone kittens to earn money. The first such animals in the country should appear in March 2019. Cloning is creating exact genetic copies of organisms using biotechnological methods. The most famous animal clone is Dolly …

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Proven rare mechanism of evolution


Scientists have studied hybrid zone of two species of Howler monkeys. Scientists at the University of Michigan (USA) were observed in the wild, the proof of the existence of rare forms of natural selection, which contributes to (eng. reinforcement) reproductive isolation of two closely related species. However, two species still …

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«Hubble» saw «a shadow» of dark matter in the void


The universe consists not only of the matter that we see. Observing the glow of the void between galaxies in large clusters of «star cities» helped space Observatory «Hubble» for the first time to see the «shadow» of dark matter. Her photographs have been published in the journal MNRAS. «We …

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Astronomers have discovered a new distant planet


Astronomers were able to approach the limits of our planetary system, and now intend to find the ninth planet giant.The staff of the minor planet Center, International astronomical Union on 17 December reported an amazing achievement: scientists have discovered the distant icy «dwarf» in the Solar system — 2018 VG18, …

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On the Belarusian river caught a rare natural phenomenon


Rotating ice circle was able to record on video. Such ice circles rare natural phenomenon. They appear in the rivers with slow flow and represent a perfectly smooth, slowly rotating circles of ice. These circles are formed due to the vortex flow generated in the river. Caught in such a …

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Found a way to predict death


The experts were able to compare biological and chronological age of the individual to find the warning signs. To find the most accurate biological age of a person, the researchers examined the cells of the skin 133 people aged one to 94 years. They drew attention to the activity of …

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Discovered a new genus of carnivorous dinosaurs


Paleontologists examined the bones of a prehistoric reptile. Discovered in the Italian Lombardy, the remains of carnivorous dinosaur belongs to a previously unknown genus of ancient giant reptile — Saltriovenator zanellai, scientists have found. Paleontologists examined the bones of a prehistoric reptile, discovered 80 km North of Milan. It turned …

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The proposed new type of chemical bond


The basis of modern chemistry is the classification of bonds between the atoms. Chemists have proposed a new type of chemical bond — metavalent. In properties it is between the metallic bond in the crystal lattice and covalent bond. Connection with such communication are characterized by many specific properties that …

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