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Scientists have found a place where human consciousness


Scientists came to the conclusion that the place where «lives» a new type of neuron, responsible for human consciousness. Biologists University of Szeged and Institute Allen found a new type of neurons, which are called rosehip cells. In translation it means the cells of the hips. Scientists decided that these …

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Climatologists gave a disappointing Outlook for the Earth


Global warming is a real threat to our planet. The last three summers on Earth was the hottest in the history of conducting meteorological observations. Moreover, all of the last three years were the warmest in the last 120 thousand years. According to scientist and climatologist Stefan Rahmstorf, head of …

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Scientists announced the existence of other worlds


According to experts, our universe is not unique. Experts have determined that our universe is not the first. Previously it was the Universes that also had black holes. This is indicated by the remains of the microwave background radiation. To similar conclusions came the physicist-mathematician Roger Penrose in science at …

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Woman shared visions about the afterlife


The American returned from the dead for the sake of the children. Lacey and her husband had an accident on may 28, 2017. The husband was killed instantly, and the young woman received many serious injuries and was between life and death. The American researcher, Dr. Jeffrey long, has described …

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Amateur video has captured paranormal activity


The Ghost in the video shook the Internet. A user of the popular social networks published in the section devoted to paranormal and unexplained phenomena, amazing and scary story. According to the baffled men, he’s just got a mysterious Stalker who is obviously not a man. Our hero began to …

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Us officials warned of a series of nuclear explosions


Organization FEMA is developing methods of protection of the population. Experts from the Federal emergency management Agency of the United States noted that FEMA is afraid of attacking North Korea’s recent nuclear detonations. Seminar on national security was held on Thursday at the headquarters of FEMA. Specialist Luis Garcia noted …

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