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NASA released a new photo of Saturn’s moons


In the photo is the Janus and Mimas. Researchers Cassini mission released a new photo of Saturn’s moons Mimas and Janus, which is located near the planet’s rings. The picture was published on the official website of NASA. Janus is located at the center of the image, while Mimas «stuck» …

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In the US caught a fish with human teeth


«Puck» is considered to be freshwater species of fish that mainly live in the Amazon. In San Francisco (CA) from a pond located in the pack Lucchesi, was caught a unique fish, «PACU», possessing human teeth. It refers to the family of piranha. She managed to catch a local fisherman. …

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Named the exact mass of our galaxy


New research has focused on the role of dark matter in the galaxy. Astrophysicists from Canada presented the most accurate to date estimate of the mass of the milky Way. The study is published in the Astrophysical Journal. Galaxy together with the stars, black holes, cosmic dust and dark matter …

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Astrophysicists have discovered a rare cosmic phenomenon


In space they found a perfect Einstein ring. Astrophysics from the University of La Laguna in the Canary Islands have discovered a rare cosmic phenomenon — an Einstein ring, emerging in the result of the fact that the gravity of a massive body bends the electromagnetic radiation coming towards the …

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Archaeologists have discovered who first settled Madagascar


Madagascar was colonized by people from Southeast Asia. Scientists have found the first archaeological evidence of the settlement of the island of Madagascar by people from Southeast Asia. The research results were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Madagascar is at a distance of 480 …

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Hitler was the third child in the family


Scientists have discovered new information in the life of Adolf Hitler. Historian Florian Kotanko from Germany found that Adolf Hitler had a younger brother. They turned out to be Otto Hitler, which previously experts believed the elder brother of the Fuhrer. A study first published in the German newspaper Oberoesterreichische …

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Cave bears killed sedentary lifestyle


Paleontologists cause of extinction of ancient bears. Paleontologists from the Potsdam University examined the DNA of cave and brown bears that lived on the territory of modern Spain, and came to the conclusion that the ancient bears was created analogues of the families and led a more sedentary life than …

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