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American scientists made the first teleportation


At Yale University first demonstrated teleportation. Researchers from Yale University demonstrated one of the key steps in the development of the modular architecture of quantum computers: a deliberate «teleportation» of a quantum gate between two qubits. Information about the study published in the scientific journal Nature. Team led by principal …

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NASA showed footage of the dust storms on Mars


Dust storm engulfed the entire planet. NASA released a panoramic image of the Martian landscape with dark brown clouds, darkened by a dust storm. The image was acquired by Curiosity Rover on August 9, as published by NASA on 6 September. Dust storm on Mars began in late may of …

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Astronomers have discovered an ancient «galactic wind»


Ancient active galaxy restrains your grow too quickly, throwing away the substance pulsating flow.«Growing pains» are and galaxies. Our milky Way or the nearby Andromeda form new stars fairly slowly — it is believed that about one a year. But there are also galaxies that produce for the same year …

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In the desert of Kazakhstan found two huge ship


For scientists it remains a mystery as they were many kilometers from any water. To explain this, the researchers were helped by satellite images taken during the Cold war. An amazing discovery was made by scientists studying satellite images of the Aral sea and its environs. In fact, in the …

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Solved the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile


Mona Lisa was sick. The heroine of Leonardo da Vinci’s «Mona Lisa» is smiling, cause she’s sick. To this conclusion, as reported by RT, made by scientists at the University of California in Santa Barbara and Harvard clinical and interdisciplinary center. According to them, the Mona Lisa was suffering from …

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In the sky above the Earth it will be possible to see the comet


Astrologer predicted the impact of the astronomical object. Some time ago there appeared information about the approaching comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. The space object will be visible through a telescope, binoculars and even the naked eye. Astrologer from UK Born Cheng told what to expect the inhabitants of the Earth. In antiquity …

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On the surface of the Sun recorded a dangerous outbreak


The phenomenon has an impressive scale. The NASA Instagram posted an interesting video on the Sun release charged particles. The entry attracted a lot of users, it already looked more than 1.5 million people. The video was obtained from the device Solar Dynamics Observatory, which flies around the sun for …

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The ISS will bring the space Elevator


The Japanese are preparing to test a prototype space Elevator. Researchers from a Japanese University Shizuoka this month will try to test how the concept of the space Elevator in orbit. Scientists will test how they behave on-orbit satellites, which are connected by a special cable. Two tiny satellites will …

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