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Scientists have found a way to beat cancer


The opening is capable of destroying cancer cells.Professor Erez Levanon and doctoral student Ilan Baumansky from the University of Bar-Ilan in collaboration and under the guidance of Professor Harvard medical school nick Haninge developed a new system to combat cancer. The discovery will allow scientists to boost the immune system …

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In Jerusalem found a ring, which is about 2000 years


Found him in the tank for ablutions.Archaeologists working in the ancient city of David in Jerusalem, found in the tank for washing gemstone ring, Dating from the Second Temple period (516 BC – 70 ad). It is reported by the Dailystar. The report notes that during archaeological research in the …

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The Chinese are going to start cooperation with aliens


First contact with aliens — an important task set by the government. China has set the goal first to make contact with aliens. This is the conclusion reached by many experts, not only from ufologists, but also quite official scientists of the world. And all this is done on the …

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Hopelessly sick American suddenly came out of the coma


The man is sure that he was helped by God. Scott Marr, the elderly, sports commentator, ended up in Methodist Hospital in Omaha, because according to the assumptions of doctors, had a stroke. Doctors tried to return the man to life but the patient does not respond to any manipulation. …

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Artificial intelligence will be taught mind-reading


Brain impulses will be converted to speech. The researchers trained an artificial intelligence to interpret the data of brain activity and convert them to speech. Three teams of scientists received data in the course of operations to remove brain tumors, as well as via electrodes attached to the brain of …

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The woman was able to describe in detail his previous life


Irish resident sure that reincarnation exists. 47-year-old resident of the city of cork, Ireland, Sharon Parrett throughout the greater part of his life regularly sees the same dream. In this dream, she appears the image of a black man from New Orleans, however, she feels that he killed people. In …

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In space discovered «witness» the Big Bang


Astronomers Hawaii Keck Observatory found an unusual relic an object that has remained since the Big BangFantastic for her age, relict of the object was discovered by astronomers of the Keck Observatory, which is located in the Hawaiian Islands. Fossil object was a dust accumulation, which was for a powerful …

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Users have told the story of the hidden house on Google


Here occurred that terrible event. Users of the application «Google Street View» came across one house, which the Corporation decided not to show to the public. Some house on the Avenue 2207 Seymour blurred the panoramas in connection with the gruesome events that occurred in it. Google decided to just …

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The painting «untitled» found the secret signs


Labels made with unusual colorsThe painting «untitled» Jean-Michel Basquiat found the secret drawings that invisible UV paint. The discovery was made by a conservator Emily MacDonald-Court, which conducted the examination before selling paintings. The buyer wanted to make sure that it is really written in 1981. In an interview with …

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