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In Thailand, visitors vegetarian restaurant served human meat

В Таиланде посетителям вегетарианского ресторана подали человеческое мясоThe owner decided to get rid of it.

In Thailand, visitors vegetarian restaurant found in the ordered dishes are pieces of human flesh. This writes the Lad Bible.

Authorities began an investigation, which found that the meat really was flesh of man. Further inspection of the premises revealed chunks of flesh and blood splattered on the walls of the food establishment.

Subsequently militiamen found the corpse of 61-year-old man in the septic tank. The dead man was a frequenter of this restaurant. The last time he was seen drinking a drink with his brother on October 21.

It is noted that the man allegedly had an argument with a restaurant owner. Local media reported that the dispute escalated into a conflict that ended for the visitor fatal injuries: he had found signs of blunt force trauma and wounds in the stomach and leg.

The police believe the owner was planning to chop the body and get rid of the pieces by making dishes by vegetarians.

Before the body was found, the owner of the restaurant, reportedly managed to escape.

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