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In space discovered «witness» the Big Bang

В космосе обнаружен "свидетель" Большого взрываAstronomers Hawaii Keck Observatory found an unusual relic an object that has remained since the Big Bang

Fantastic for her age, relict of the object was discovered by astronomers of the Keck Observatory, which is located in the Hawaiian Islands. Fossil object was a dust accumulation, which was for a powerful quasar.

Analysis using spectrometry showed that the cloud has an unusually low density, unusual for the modern representatives – it is not «polluted» with heavy elements of exploded stars. This important fact allowed to conclude that the detected discovery is the oldest object in the Universe that could have formed just after the Big Bang.

The discovery will give astronomers the chance to learn more about what happened during the cosmic processes in the early Universe. In particular, these clouds will help to answer the question of why some clusters of gas and dust formed the planets and stars, and others are not.

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