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In Jerusalem found a ring, which is about 2000 years

В Иерусалиме обнаружили кольцо, которому около 2000 летFound him in the tank for ablutions.

Archaeologists working in the ancient city of David in Jerusalem, found in the tank for washing gemstone ring, Dating from the Second Temple period (516 BC – 70 ad). It is reported by the Dailystar.

The report notes that during archaeological research in the National Park of the city of David in Jerusalem in ancient mikve (ritual bath – ed.), on the Camino, it was discovered a ring with a precious stone.

It is known that the ancient paved road runs from the pool Siloah to the Temple mount and is believed to have been the main road that pilgrims walked to the Temple.

According to archaeologists, «in the past, as today, rings and jewelry removed before bathing» obviously, this decoration was forgotten. This finding, along with others, may shed light on the lives of people in the Second Temple period.

Curator of the National Park of the city of David, Vice-President of the Foundation of the city of David Doron Spielman, said that this ring is another piece in the puzzle of ancient Jerusalem.

Background: the city of David is the largest current archeological site in Israel and also the object of national heritage of the country. On this place king David established Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel 3000 years ago. For many centuries this place has been the residence of the dynasty of David.

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