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In Germany sends unknown to public men gold bullion

В Германии неизвестный рассылает общественникам золотые слитки

In Cuxhaven in the German state of lower Saxony, declared «Santa Claus». He has at least three times sent for the ingot of gold to organizations that help people and animals.

On December 6-7, the packages came to the hospice Association of animal rights activists and local self-help group, reports BBC News.

The cost of all ingots is estimated at 17 thousand euros.

The gifts have been made a message on red paper, in which the unknown benefactor had written that supports the «important tasks». He also congratulated the community members on the coming Christmas.

Earlier, in another the lower Saxony city of Braunschweig unknown five years have sent donations in the form of packages filled with banknotes of 500 euros, on various socially useful purpose. The identity of the donor remained unknown.

6 December is St. Nicholas day, which became the prototype of father Christmas Santa Claus.

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