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In Bashkiria 125 subspecialty will receive 1 million rubles

В Башкирии 125 врачей узких специальностей получат по 1 млн рублей

In 2019 in Bashkiria 125 doctors will get 1 million roubles. It involves specialists who travel to work areas and small towns. About this in his message to the Kurultay said the acting head of the Republic of radium Khabirov. In addition, the 150 participants of the program «Zemsky doctor» who, for whatever reason, have not received the promised benefits, also will pay 1 million rubles.

The head of the region noted the importance of the medical personnel and the problem of their shortage areas. According to him, at present, institutions of Bashkiria is not enough 1.3 thousand doctors. Radium Khabirov said that it is the responsibility of heads of municipalities.

– Everything that happens in your territory is your responsibility! Don’t wait, be Pro-active, look for yourself, you need professionals to help them settle into the social, everyday terms. You can even sing and dance for them – just would have stayed. And all your efforts, believe me, will be rewarded with health of countrymen, — said the acting Head of Bashkiria.

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