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Hyundai prepares innovative premiere

Hyundai готовит инновационную премьеру The car presentation will take place in Detroit.

Hyundai will show in Detroit a hydrogen supercar. About this in his interview said the head of the sports division of the brand, albert Biermann.

Korean edition Motograph with reference to the head of the unit N AB Birman told that Hyundai is going to show at the auto show in Detroit hydrogen supercar. Beerman also said that Hyundai owns the most advanced technology in the field of fuel cells.

Recall that the first mention of the hydrogen hypercar called N 2025 Vision occurred in 2015, when Hyundai released a car racing simulator Grand Turismo. The power plant consisted of four motors with total output in 883 HP

The characteristics of the concept is to provide a special turbine for pumping of oxygen through the fuel cell, which is able to spin up to 200,000 rpm. It was also noted the body of the hypercar, made of composite materials, whose weight was only 972 pounds.

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