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Hopelessly sick American suddenly came out of the coma

Безнадежно больной американец внезапно вышел из комы The man is sure that he was helped by God.

Scott Marr, the elderly, sports commentator, ended up in Methodist Hospital in Omaha, because according to the assumptions of doctors, had a stroke. Doctors tried to return the man to life but the patient does not respond to any manipulation.

Dr. Rebecca Runge informed the family that, most likely, began an irreversible process. Four daughters of Scott already tuned to the worst, therefore, in consultation with the doctor, they decided to turn off the life support machine.

The family has already begun preparations for the funeral, but as it turned out, in vain. The next day, the man began to breathe, plus, could independently move limbs.

Later it turned out that no stroke was not. About the cause of death was a syndrome back reversible encephalopathy provoked by high blood pressure. This syndrome occurs swelling of the brain, this feature of the disease, by the way, and has advised doctors to misdiagnosis.

Scott is now called the «miracle man.» He admits that he does not go to Church every Sunday, but believe in God. God helped him to return to her family.

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