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Homemade methods of removing dangerous toxins from the body

Домашние способы выведения опасных токсинов из организма

Every day from the environment into the human body receives toxins which spoil the health and cause inflammation, illness and disease. Therefore, it is important to clean your body regularly. And will help in the bath, massage, gastric lavage, mud wraps, and not only.

In the presence of toxins in the body it starts to react. The skin becomes dry or too troubled, migraine, chronic fatigue, allergies, thirst, the appetite deteriorates, the hair is actively falling out, nails become brittle, skin aging, and protective functions of the body weaken. It is enough to listen to your body to understand that he needed help.

Toxins cause headache, insomnia, flatulence, bad breath, irritability, fatigue, rash, acne, disorders of the blood pressure. Toxins is extremely necessary to remove from your body. Otherwise it is fraught with dangerous disorders and deadly diseases.

Домашние способы выведения опасных токсинов из организмаCleaning of carbohydrate. This method of cleansing must be done several times a year for fifteen consecutive days. This cleaning should be repeated every two or three weeks and do fasting days.

The first three days the diet should be minimal. While you should eat three or four times a day. No fried, salty and sugary foods should not be on the menu. The best choice is fresh vegetables, dairy products, lean lean meats, and oatmeal.

The fourth day is cleaning herbs that have choleretic effect. The diet should consist of yogurt mixed with grated Apple and carrot. Optionally, you can add honey. From snacks only bananas.

On the fifth, sixth and seventh days, the food should be the same as in the first three days. In this first stage of purification of the body ends.

Cleaning food. Should start with castor oil. One kilogram of weight put five grams of the oil. It is necessary to drink, pre-heating in a water bath to an acceptable-to-eat temperature. If there is nausea, don’t worry – this is normal.

During the next five hours nothing to eat. As a way threat, first, you should always consult with a physician.

Cleanse the body bran, flax seed, water, yogurt and cereal.

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