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Hilton opens hotels for budget travelers

Hilton открывает отели для бюджетных туристовThe first hotel will be located in London.

Global hotel chain Hilton presented the Motto. This is a budget hotel designed for travelers who prefer hostels.

As the press service of the company, in the Motto to tenants will offer private rooms with an area of 14 sq. m. with beds and furniture that fold, bedding and mattresses, as well as a bathroom and a control center all the appliances in the room.

Group travelers can reserve a shared room. They provide a shared working and lounge areas.

Hilton promised that the hotel will be located near the main attractions of the city and even in the neighborhoods where they live local.

How much will it cost to pleasure, as yet unknown, but promises to be attractive for young people and travelers employees. However, to navigate and in price, and as the first Motto will be possible in two years

The first hotel of this type, designed for a hundred rooms are going to open in London. It will be situated in Marylebone.

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