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Good Comedy «Good boy» is already in the box

In hire leaves «Good boy»: a Comedy about growing up and first love has won this year’s Grand Prix of the Kinotavr. Semyon Treskunov, which here takes the main role, became famous for the movie «Ghost» where he played a victory. Here partners again went to the stars of the first magnitude. Read more in the review of the «film Industry».

Good Comedy «Good boy» is already in the box

Before the charm and sincerity of the ninth Koli Smirnova are unable to resist neither the members of the jury of Kinotavr, nor the country’s largest distributor (the film rolls, the company «Disney Sony»), no criticism (this is among the most beloved Russian films in Year movie). Neither can the audience. So easily recognize yourself in it in the ninth grade, with dreams and complexes, own self-righteousness and confusion. When all serious bugs first, and they are elusive, but inexorably and rapidly make you different.

Performer roles If Smirnova Semyon Treskunov explains that this film has a simple meaning:it seems to Me that if a man apologizes, admits his mistakes, he, as it Matures. This is a story of growing up. This is the story of irreversible changes. Moreover, it is unclear, for better or worse».
The report from the «film industry»
Good boy is still Semyon Treskunov, starring. To follow him from movie to movie is the separate movie, which after the resounding success of the film «Ghost» follows the entire country. A movie about the formation of a new real artist.

The Director of «Good boy» Oksana Karas immediately knew that he had found the actor for the main role:There are people who are worth the wait. Five years we waited until the Snow gets older. Well, as expected.. something was delayed all the time, we were not able to find the budget. And when I saw Senya in “Ghost”, I ran to the producers and said, “Here! Here it is, my boy! Here he grew up. Take Seeds.” No other candidates for this role did not exist».
Trailer of the movie «Good boy»
«Good boy,» Simon plays with Khabensky, Ephraim, and Pali. On-site (in a certain company!) do not be timid helped the script — says in an interview, «the film Industry» semen. The material in adolescence a light, sharp, and bold, written by Michael Mestetsky, the owner of «Golden eagle», a co-author of the screenplay for «the Legend №17».

Konstantin Khabensky, who plays the role of the father of the protagonist, believes that «Good boy» should appeal to all:the Film is about just that – the perfectionism, the knowledge of the world, on the first appearance and the inability to control their feelings. About it. Again, I think the film is aimed at viewers older that came out of this period and now can look at it with a smile and remember about it.»
«We brought all her childhood in this film», — stressed the Director Oksana Karas, and this is the best explanation for a lot of genres mixed in the Comedy «Good boy»: there will be a mystery, a romance, and a drop of Western, and even a bit of Indian cinema.

Trailer of the movie «Good boy»
Semyon Treskunov admits that the film is full of irony, which is so necessary to modern viewers:irony – well, it’s the highest gift for the filmmaker, because if you can ironic to talk about something important, it means that the film was a success. I think now the audience is pretty tired of pressing on them of reality. And for something light, good, kind, sincere, it is just not enough».
«Good boy» on the screens of the country — from November 10.

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