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Geely and Volvo will combine to create a new car

Geely и Volvo объединятся для создания нового автомобиля The power of the car is 177 HP

More recently, the company Geely has released images of its new crossover, which has similarities with the compact Volvo XC40.

The reason for this was the joint platform. That is, this platform called CMA, is considered a joint work by Chinese and the Swedes. Initially, who was given this platform was a car FY11.

On the car market car FY11 should come out with a petrol engine 1.5 l power 177 HP, he will work together with the gearbox, with two clutches.

By the way, FY1 long been considered a secret: back in the fall of 2018 at the Ministry of industry of China has published photos car models.

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