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Bethesda is preparing a Skyrim re-release


On the web rumors about a pack of games that will show the publisher. It seems that this year Bethesda will once again organize one of the most entertaining press conferences during E3. On the web rumors about a pack of games that will show the publisher. Information about this …

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Rockstar Games has released the largest expansion for GTA V


Developers seasoned game elements mechanics of economic policies. Team Rockstar Games has released the largest expansion for GTA V called «the New adventures of bandits and swindlers». The latest addition is already available for download on PC and consoles. According to Rockstar Games, thanks to the new DLC, players will …

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FIFA 17 will be released on the engine of Battlefield 4


Fans will have to learn to start playing football again. It seems that in the annual football simulator FIFA in once happens really noticeable change. Electronic Arts has announced FIFA 17, which will move to the Frostbite engine. People say that football is not changing. However, the developers disagree with …

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In Facebook will soon launch a Live broadcast of games


Blizzard will start broadcasting the games in Facebook. Games industry is developing by leaps and bounds and what once seemed a prerogative of the more classic sports and media types, now develops into new formats. Online gaming will move to newly-launched service broadcast Facebook Live and will help as one …

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The first evaluation of the game Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


The game received an average score of 7.3 points out of 10. Release Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be out soon and critics are rushing to announce their assessment of the continuation of the series. Account related professionals from the gaming industry already goes on tens, so fans can draw their …

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The trailer for the release of Hard Reset: Redux


Hard Reset: Redux different from the original by several additives. The shelves of digital stores got Hard Reset: Redux — a new edition of swift hardcore shooter Hard Reset. In honor of this event the developers at Flying Wild Hog have prepared a release trailer, and netizens concocted comparison charts. …

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What Ubisoft has in store for E3 2016


The French will bring For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as well as Watch_Dogs 2. Publisher Ubisoft has shared their plans for E3 2016: told about what the game will be shown at a press conference that will put on the stand of the company, and outlined the programme …

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