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Evolve will be a shareware game


Turtle Rock Studios decided to make Evolve a large-scale reboot. At Evolve, of course, the unenviable fate: the game was waiting, she received many prestigious awards in exhibitions, and then there was release. The reviews were restrained, on the first day after the release of action stuffed with paid DLC, …

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Gameplay with realistic graphics GTA V Redux


GTA V Redux’ll be much wiser by the police. Creator GTA V Redux has shared new footage of his work on new screenshots and a video showing just snogsshibatelnye level of graphics in GTA V. The author of the modification GTA V Redux is Josh Romito (Romito Josh) who is …

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Call of Duty could become a third-party action


The game would have unfolded in the days of Ancient Rome. It turns out that in the area of 2008 the Call of Duty series could go in a completely different direction. Vicarious Visions, a subsidiary Studio of Activision, seriously planned to take on Call of Duty: Roman Wars — …

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The critics chose the main E3 2016


Best game show critics recognized The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Despite the fact that Battlefield 1 was in the lead on number of nominations, the main winner of last E3 2016 version of the Game Critics Awards was not a war game from DICE. Not even Dishonored …

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The mayor of Lviv, became a hero computer games


In the network appeared the game about the mayor of Lviv Garden.In the network appeared a satirical game about the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy under the name «Andrei-truck». The aim of the game is as hard as you can to clog Kiev. Gameplay of flash games is that you …

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Popular shooter Half-Life recreated in Doom


Half-Life on the engine, not Doom tells the original story, and his.In the network one user with the nickname Bolloxed created a modification for the cult game Doom, which, using his slider, alters in no less iconic Half-Life. The corresponding video he posted on YouTube. Mod he called Paranoid. However, …

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Blizzard suing creators of cheats for Overwatch


Blizzard is going to hold accountable German Bossland. Blizzard Entertainment does not like cheaters in their games and willing to seriously fight for purity in the ranks of their community. The Studio even does not hesitate to arrange legal proceedings against hackers and hack-fraud in the Bud. Yesterday, for example, …

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