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The debut trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2


Release date Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for autumn 2017. The company Rockstar Games has released the first trailer for the game Red Dead Redemption 2. In a new video, the developers presented a continuation of the story of «survival in the heart of wild America.» Earlier in the …

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SMITE turns into a turn-based strategy


The basis of SMITE Tactics the same universe. Despite the weirdness with the Paladins and a farewell to Tribes: Ascend Studio Hi-Rez is not static: it announced SMITE Tactics — turn-based strategy offshoot of the popular «Moba» SMITE. The basis of SMITE Tactics the same universe, that of the progenitor. …

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A new story about an unusual world Horizon: Zero Dawn


Fresh story on the Horizon: Zero Dawn turned out fun and very visual. After yesterday’s screenshots of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerilla Games released a new video on Horizon: Zero Dawn. The authors decided to tell you about the amazing cybersmith that inhabit the game world. Guerilla Games didn’t just …

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DOOM added arcade mode and PvP-fun


The most interesting new feature is the arcade mode for the single player campaign. Bethesda Softworks and id Software have released the next free update for DOOM. Traditionally, the authors have not escaped the boring edit bugs, but dokinuli the game with fresh content. The most interesting new feature is …

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Today Nintendo will officially unveil Nintendo NX


The console will be a hybrid stationary and portable device with cartridges. It is time for the new consoles from major manufacturers! Nintendo officially announced today that she will show the world his vision of a «NextGen» — Nintendo NX. According to rumors, the console will be a hybrid stationary …

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Players Battlefield 1 is faced with an unusual problem


The resolution of the shooter drops to 160×90 pixels. Some players Battlefield 1 faced with an unusual problem falling to unimaginable resolution of 160 by 90 pixels. In the network appeared the screenshots with an unusually low resolution, made by a gamer under the nickname 12thedata12. Presumably the system failed …

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Hideo kojima for some reason visited Valve


Valve gave Kojima the crowbar of Gordon Freeman. Kojima posted photos on Twitter and retweeted a couple of messages from his colleagues. According to records, Hideo was in the Valve is not on a whim, and in the role of consultant Kimberly Cooper (Kimberly Cooper), one of the founders of …

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Valve has shared information about the upcoming update of CS:GO


The new system will allow to raise speed of connection to the game servers. Valve has shared information about the upcoming patch shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. One of the key changes the update will be the introduction of a new system of connections to servers. A company spokesman Fletcher Dunn …

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Gameplay trailer of the single player campaign to Titanfall 2


Before the release of Titanfall 2 there’s only ten days. It seems that Respawn Entertainment have seen the recent advertising campaign from Mafia III 2K Games decided that with movies before the premiere of the game not much happens. So here’s another one — «official» trailer with the gameplay of …

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Release date and system requirements Watch Dogs 2


The computer version of the game Marcus Holloway starts a little later the console. The hacker action Watch Dogs 2 has not escaped the fate of his predecessor. Today Ubisoft announced that the PC version of the game about Marcus Holloway starts a little later the console. If the PlayStation …

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