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Microsoft build in Windows 10 a new platform for gaming streams


After updating Creators in the overlay will be a new opportunity for broadcast on the service Beam. Yesterday Microsoft held a conference in new York, where he announced the upgrade Creators for Windows 10. Among other things, the update will pay special attention to the gamers. Windows 10 already has …

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Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel offer absolutely free


Gamers can download Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel free for a certain period of time. Gamers are very surprised to find that the collection Borderlands: The Handsome Collection of two parts of the series available absolutely free. The developers released an official statement, according to which there is no …

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PlayStation 4 will be the professional controllers


By the end of 2016 will go on sale in a special controller from Razer and Nacon. Sony is not going to produce professional gamepads DualShock 4 in the manner of a Xbox Elite from Microsoft, but to issue a license for such things to third-party manufacturers — it please! …

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World of Warcraft: Legion the update came out


«Return to Karazhan» gave us a new dungeon in landmark mode for five players. Blizzard Entertainment is excited to remind you that on the eve of World of Warcraft, not so long ago augmented with the help of the Legion survived the update, which ushered in users access to fresh …

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LEGO Ninjago: the philosophy of Cruzita


LEGO Ninjago collection based on the original game world. Sets include figures of the characters, their weapons designers to create equipment and locations, as well as cards for the Board game. The game world described in its counterpart the popular animated series. The game exists since 2011, in 2013 it …

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The forgotten post-war backyard kids games

The forgotten post-war backyard kids games Look at sports games adults, the sophistication of the rules and technologies which causes a stupor. In many cases, the winner is not the athlete due to his physical perfection and development and technical service of software, or even group of business people with …

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GTA V may city of Vice City and San Andreas


Rockstar Games plans to continue supporting GTA V with new content more than one year. Team Rockstar Games plans to continue supporting GTA V with new content more than one year. And the crown among the additions will be new regions, including the cities of Vice City and San Andreas. …

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