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Analysts estimate sales of Battlefield V and Fallout 76


According to analysts, Battlefield V in less than a month has sold 1.9 million copies, and even worse Fallout 76 — 1.4 million The company SuperData Research has published a new report on the state of the market of computer games at the end of last month. The cost of …

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Lost video game found 27 years later


Fond Video Game History Foundation found a lost prototype video games SimCity for the NES. Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the Internet and the generosity of several collectors, lost a prototype of an early version of the famous urban simulator SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System is now available …

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Bethesda added to Fallout 76 fights without rules


The authors of Fallout 76 for a test mode, which will allow you to break into PvP on all cylinders. Bethesda Studio in the sweat of working on fixing bugs and improving the game Fallout 76. This is evidenced not only patches that are released regularly, but also promises to …

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Electronic Arts introduced Battlefield V micropayments


Gaming community already have a negative respond to this announcement. As it became known yesterday, Electronic Arts since 18 January 2019 will be put into Battlefield V in-game currency called Bcoin. As for the exchange rate, for $5/€5 euros you get 500 coins, and the amount of 6,000 Bcoin will …

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Origin has launched a new year sale with discounts of up to 80%


Discount on Mass Effect: Andromeda reaches 80%, and about V – 50%. The company Electronic Arts has decided not to lag behind your competition and also launched the sale for new year holidays in the digital distribution service Origin. The campaign will last until 11 January 2019. As part of …

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The PlayStation has set a new record for sales


The gaming console has set a new record According to fresh data from research firm NPD Group, for the first time in history, all three leading home gaming console of the current generation has surpassed 1 million units sold in November. This is a record that had not previously been …

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Steam can will support cross-platform play with the Xbox


At the moment, Valve and Microsoft have not commented on this discovery. A few days ago in the Steam Beta repository service GitHub has added eight new files updates in which inquisitive users almost immediately found a new place xbox_pairwise_id in the sub network identification Steam. It is logical to …

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