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The manufacturer has announced a new game console Mad Box


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has a competitor. Currently, the production of game consoles only do Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but their products cannot be described as incredibly powerful by modern standards, because gadgets these manufacturers are not able to fully support 4K resolution in video games. Put up with it, …

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The head Devil May Cry 5 will develop new games


The head Devil May Cry 5 did not disclose any details of the future creation. Edition Gematsu published an interview with several Japanese game developers. Among the information flow, the greatest interest was aroused by the words of the Director of Devil May Cry 5 Hideaki Itsuno (Hideaki Itsuno). The …

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Found a rare edition of SimCity


Digitized rare collectors copy of the game. The New year miracles happen: the employees of the Foundation, dedicated to the history of the games, managed to find and digitize a rare copy of SimCity. About city-building game heard it all: he managed to survive more than one generation of consoles …

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Named the most anticipated game of the current year


What are you waiting for gamers in 2019. In 2018, gamers got a lot of cool projects that have made the year rich with action, drama and adventure. Still not worth it to dwell on the past, because next year they will find even more great games. Resident Evil 2 …

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Steam has stopped working in Windows XP and Vista


To continue to use Steam and play acquired on the platform of the game, users will have to upgrade their computers. In June 2018, the developers of Steam reported that 1 January 2019 will completely cease Steam support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. When support client popular platform for …

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Bethesda is forcing gamers to write essays about the cheats


Bethesda found an unusual way to fight against cheaters. Bethesda found an unusual way to combat people using third-party Fallout in 76. Cheats and online games always went hand in hand: it is difficult to resist the temptation to trick the system. Developers will have to go to all sorts …

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Fortnite brought the creators a huge profit


The developers of the shooter Fortnite received $3 billion profit. Game Fortnite has become the most popular in the world and has helped Epic Games to a record profit of $3 billion. Fortnite, in which you can play for free, earn money by selling digital items. As said a source …

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