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Free Steam distributes to all of Metro 2033

Steam бесплатно раздает всем желающим Metro 2033The offer is valid only for today.

German company Deep Silver staged a so-called «weekend publisher» in the digital distribution service Steam. Until October 29 many of the projects can be bought at a bargain price. For example, Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers up to 40% off, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux 75% off, sets the Homefront and Dead Island Collection Definitive Collection — 78% and 71%, respectively. Well, the normal version of Metro 2033 you can permanently add to your game collection absolutely for free.

I advise you to hurry — this offer is valid only for today. No complicated manipulations carried out not have to. Just looking for the label «Play Metro 2033. Free for 24 hours» page, Metro 2033 and click «Play», then the game will be added to the library.

Metro 2033 is first and foremost an interesting story and incredible atmospheric dive into the world of a dying human civilization, which is fighting for survival. This shattered world burnt ideas and hopes, a gloomy, oppressive and at the same time, charming in its rough grandeur. The Apocalypse in this form, which you had no chance to see adventure, the outcome of which is not clear until the very end. And with all this, it is at the same time and an excellent shooter with gorgeous graphics. Pass by this project is simply impossible, because hardly anyone in the next year or two will be able to create something more atmospheric and entertaining in this genre. And one can only envy those who do not familiar with the book-source, for them acquaintance with the «Metro 2033» will be simply unforgettable.

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