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Fortnite brought the creators a huge profit

Fortnite принесла создателям огромную прибыльThe developers of the shooter Fortnite received $3 billion profit.

Game Fortnite has become the most popular in the world and has helped Epic Games to a record profit of $3 billion.

Fortnite, in which you can play for free, earn money by selling digital items.

As said a source in the industry, founded in 1991, Epic has not provided separate data on revenues for its main hit, but the rate of profit, in combination with other data, «gives an idea of the success.»

As a private company, Epic, is carefully monitored and does not advertise its financial performance. But in November, according to estimates from Sensor Tower, iOS users spent $1,23 million a day. This helped the Bank game Fortnite to exceed the figure of $37 million and brought its total revenue on Apple to more than $385 million.

It should be noted that Fortnite is a cross-platform game which is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac, Android. The audience of the game — hundreds of millions of people around the world.

It is also interesting that in July the profit from Fortnite beginning to decline slightly, but the game remains one of the most profitable in the industry. In July 2018 cost Epic $14 billion, now it grew some more.

The company’s profit could be higher thanks to China, however, emits a Fortnite in the country Tencent has been unable to obtain the income from the game. The reason for this was a nine-month delay in registration of titles, which also affected the possibility of obtaining company funds with microtransactions.

Although Fortnite is the most fruitful release, Epic also makes money on other games and recently launched an online games store that competes with Steam. The main difference between the Epic store is that it gives developers 88 percent of their income, unlike that Valve — the company behind Steam — which takes a 30 percent.

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