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For spy equipment from AliExpress will not put

Russia is known for the fact that its laws can be put behind every sneeze, every word. All know that buy mini cameras, trackers and even alarms for the garage can turn into a sky in the box. But now everything has changed for these gadgets to put no longer.

The information came directly from the Supreme court of Russia, which finally descended to the consideration of the acquisition of such technology and realized that not all Russians want to play spies by buying it. Under the new Directive of the court, citizens of Russia can no longer be held criminally responsible for the acquisition and use of mini-cameras and similar devices. But, as always, has not done without nuances – that you have not planted, you have to buy such gadgets exclusively for yourself, family or for surveillance of animals.

The only question is now, will I have to prove it to law enforcement, or are they finally at least in this issue will lag behind the Russians and do something more useful and fruitful. This is what is unclear. Recall that it all started in 2017 when the farmer Yevgenia Vasilyeva was charged with illegal trafficking in spy equipment, although he only bought the tracker for the calf. And these absurd cases throughout the country collected a few dozen.

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