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Fly Life Play smartphone ad

In Russia are presented budget smartphone Fly Life Play, which can be called a smartphone ad. Directly on the lock screen it will spam politics (news) and advertising, and this function it not disabled.

In exchange for continued bombing spam price of a new Fly Life Play reduced to 4000 rubles, and smartphones, without advertising, with similar fillings cost from 5000 rubles, so that, by and large, the savings is not worth having to constantly watch ads. The list of characteristics of Fly Life Play includes 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory, its screen with a diagonal of 4.5 inches has a very low resolution 960х480 pixels, and inside it is a processor from MediaTek, which does not have a module LTE.

Fortunately, at least WI-FI and Bluetooth delivered, plus you can expand the memory through microSD card. Version of Android the manufacturer does not specify. In short, Fly Life Play is a good option for a backup phone that will not connect to the Internet because without Internet it will not be able to show ads. As the tube everyday, he is not exactly suitable – filling out of date three years ago, and to run any heavy app work with great difficulty.

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