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Fines for unpaid Parking tickets in Moscow, approving them the deputies of the Moscow city Duma will pay

Штрафы за неоплату парковки в Москве одобрившие их депутаты Мосгордумы будут выплачивать

On December 26 by the Moscow city Duma approved the increase of fines for non-payment of a Parking in Moscow from 2.5 thousand to 5 thousand rubles. This step in the Moscow city Duma motivated by the need of dealing with offenders, noting that the payment of the old fines is more profitable than paying for Parking. Shortly before this, the cost of Parking in some Central streets of Moscow rose to 380 rubles per hour.

However, the deputies of the city Duma, apparently, will not be charged for Parking cars in Moscow or to pay fines for non-payment out of pocket. To such conclusion came in the Moscow headquarters of Alexei Navalny, examining fresh purchase of the Moscow city Duma.

«The day before the decision of increasing fines, the city Council placed procurement on the 222 million rubles on transport and forwarding services. The vague wording to hide very specific things, more cars: 48 cars of business-class drivers and 12 other machines. But the most interesting that are paid not only cars with drivers and Parking, and the penalties for its violation!» – stated in the message of activists of the headquarters of the Bulk.


Judging by the procurement documents, the contract price includes payment of hire and the associated costs including maintenance costs of cars, insurance, salaries of drivers, and also payment of penalties for Parking and traffic violations.

Activists also pointed to the violation made in the terms of reference. It provides the required characteristics needed a car, including dimensions, weight, and engine power. Under these characteristics only fits Audi A6.

«In terms of application, we see clear signs of restriction of competition: it is obvious that the number of cars of a specific brand, and even a certain configuration, and even with the driver is not at every company. Most likely, there is a specific legal entity for which written terms of reference».

In this regard, representatives of the Moscow headquarters of the Bulk FAS filed a complaint for rescission of the purchase.

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