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Sweep of Eurasia under the green infrastructure

Passed the first in the history of the meeting of shareholders, the Asian infrastructure investment Bank — the Chinese alternative to the American International Bank <sup>the opening ceremony of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank in Beijing. On stage — XI Jinping. Photo: TASS</sup> In parallel, inconclusive visit of the Russian …

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Never more Ukrainians so bad not lived, as in Putin…


Ukraine leaps and bounds in Europe. Tomorrow, well, high, for the new year, we’ll be able with clear conscience to say that the coveted European Union is ours! But there’s bad news. Feel the joy of long-awaited Peremogi will not only all. The fact that on the thorny path of …

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As planned harm to the Soviet state


In the comments to my article «the passion of the Soviet passport» was touched upon a very interesting subject that I would particularly like to pay attention to. In any military school of the Soviet Union learned the same motley crowd, what was the entire population of the country at …

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Communist China scored their goods capitalist Russia


The opinion of «people of color glasses», that is, outside observers, about socialism with Chinese characteristics in China, anyone interested should not, said the Secretary General of the Communist party of China and head of China XI Jinping. The top political leadership of the country, he added, does not intend …

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Attempt to hit the economy of the Crimea «went down»


Not long ago the battalion of a name of Noman’s Chelebidzhihan intended to disrupt the holiday season in the Crimea, sabotage in the Kerch Strait. One of the attackers, while the interrogation of the Federal security service, Ernest Ablyazimov revealed details of the operation. He said that one of the …

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Nicaraguan canal and Russian tanks spies USA


A very interesting article about the ongoing processes associated with the Panama canal and fight the US and Russia for influence in Latin America. NICARAGUAN CANAL AND RUSSIAN TANKS SPIES USA Nicaragua June 14, was sent to the Americans, whose activity has caused reasonable suspicion of the authorities. Two of …

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Representation in Saint-Petersburg and other «tails»


1. For those who use summer to visit entered in the fashion of the Northern capital. On Saturday in St. Petersburg will host the event, which I would recommend to visit. The program will include an unusual number — the combination of singing and ballet. Lisa eve (in the photo …

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The car market of Ukraine grew by more than 50%


In Ukraine in June recorded a growth of market of new passenger cars by 40% in comparison with last year, reports AUTO-Consulting. So, a month has sold more than 4 700 cars, which is 6.6% more than in may. In June, there was and positional changes on the market. So, …

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Oil in for two years will cost no more than $ 20


Can the price of oil to fall to $ 10 per barrel? The privatization of the Russian oil assets: symptom of despair or reward the oligarchs? Why the sharp decline in oil prices and sanctions have not led to the Russian financial collapse? Can American shale oil determine the future …

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