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Taxes promised growth


The government has begun to discuss increasing the tax burden incumbent on business after the elections of 2018. The increase in insurance premiums on health care, as announced by the Minister of health, it is proposed to provide at the expense of increasing the total rate of insurance contributions — …

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2019 in Russia will increase insurance contributions to the HIF


2019 employers ‘ contributions to the mandatory health insurance Fund (HIF) will increase from 5.1% to 5.9%, according to «Vedomosti» referring to Federal officials. Increased contributions to the HIF will bring additional revenue in the amount 182-190 billion. Need money to Fund for the implementation of the may decrees of …

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Americans boost a new revolution in the oil market


The head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin at the Eurasian forum in Italy, said that the production of shale oil has good chances of going on «a trajectory of moderate growth». At the same time top managers of major Russian oil companies noticed that this growth will not be «explosive» character, …

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Putin and Kudrin chased yesterday


Alexey Kudrin promises to present to Vladimir Putin the program of reforms in the first half of next year. In the document you can find the already familiar thesis about the improvement of the investment climate, modernization of the public administration system, increase of productivity, increase openness of the economy …

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Twenty years of wretchedness and poverty


The Ministry of economic development sent the Ministry of Finance the long-term forecast of socio-economic situation in the country before 2035. The trends predicted by analysts, the MAYOR, is not comforting — the next 20 years Russia will face stagnation. However, the forecast considers three scenarios of development of events …

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The EU and China wanted to strengthen relations


On Tuesday in Brussels at a high level were on the trade and economic dialogue between China and the EU, which the parties agreed on the need to strengthen trade and economic relations. As a representative of the Union was made by the Chairman of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen, …

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Global economy: the removal of the carcass


Raoul Ilargi Mayer, a long time ago commenting on economic realities, expressed and concise, and provocative: «It’s over! The entire model, which are based on our society at least how much we can remember, has died. That’s why there was trump.» «No growth. There was no real growth for several …

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