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Economic murder and the right to self-defense

Экономическое убийство и право на самозащиту

Because of the blatant economic illiteracy we have murder believe only mechanical damage to the body. In this primitive concept (I do not poke with a knife – so don’t kill) a bad fit already poisoned. If the poison killed him instantly – it’s kind of like equated with murder.

But if it kills slowly, over the years – as the toxins in modern foods, the colors and composition of cheap clothes? Like all toxic substances which are formed in the products to reduce their cost or increase their retention periods?

Until we understand the inseparable connection of human life with access to the resources of the territory – we do not understand about murder and crime.

All civilization is the fact that the assault on human life is a crime. Let’s imagine what would happen if this rule didn’t exist… Imagined? Now let us turn to the revolution. Depriving a person of livelihood – is also an assault on human life.

So, common sense requires that and poverty added to the list of murder weapons! If I’m going to lock the person in a closet and starve there is hunger, I recognized the murderer, and rightly so. Yeah, I didn’t cut – but no mitigating circumstances in my behaviour not. On the contrary: perhaps elected me the method of killing is deemed an aggravating circumstance in the particular musicalnote of death.

Poverty is the murder weapon. And if so, the same common sense demands to recognize the victim’s right to self-defence. Self defense is fundamentally different from the unmotivated attack. But all the «red» are now trying to solder it unprovoked attack, baseless aggression! For no apparent reason – attacked, killed, destroyed…

The story went into the past we can’t change, however, dominates our present and future, that we can and should change for the better.

In order to avoid the genocides of the future – as humanitarian disasters, famine, and disasters of the people’s revolutionary violence – must be acknowledged once and for all an important thing. Namely, the sentence citizen «to go and look for a livelihood in the free market» for public figures is a crime. This crime combines murder, to prevent murder, criminal negligence of officials, the creation of unbearable conditions for human (falls under the Convention on torture), and more. A whole bunch of crimes against humanity!

Of course, if the above tell a private person to a private person, then it is nothing more than selfish indifference. It is not criminalities, to business will not sew. However, if this is the position of the head of state – he lays a bomb under the entire state structure, built on the concept of mutual civil undestroyed. If we are citizens of one state, we do not destroy each other. If we are exterminating each other – we are no longer citizens of one state.

What is the fundamental difference between a private individual and the state in this matter? Private person is the recipient and user of the resources of the territory. The power of the state is the custodian of these resources. A private person can refuse a charity the state no. Because a private person is not responsible for how we allocate resources of the territory, and the state carries.

If the state systematically deprive its citizens having the ability but not having the desire to share with them crucial resources (sources of life) – such a state has degenerated into a «liquidrom» nation engaged in genocide. And it is necessary to speak openly, honestly – knowing direct and even visceral connection of human life with bloghosterhome resources of the territory. There is no access to resources – and basic survival.

If the person is locked in a closet, because no one invited him there to «be enterprising» and «looking for work». It is clear that within the four walls of any enterprise will not help. Even if the four bare walls is the mortar with water – hard work will not help to survive. People will have to pound water in a mortar all day – so what?

Well, if the closet is not four walls, but all six? Or even eight? A man sitting in the octagonal tower and die there from hunger… Can it be? That is, does the number of walls in the chamber on the ability to survive without a connection to blagodaram resources (water, food, heating sources, etc.)?

Now, gentlemen, the bad: you have razmorozili the earth with fences of his very private property. And people between the fences, wandering through the maze, precisely in the same position as the man immured in a tower without food, water and heat.

We argue that in this situation the person from itself should produce survival – maybe either an idiot or a monster. The law of Economics is obvious: to squeeze out from itself the survival of the human can.

Need to connect to the resources of the territory, that is to give him a real opportunity to reach out to consumer goods. Otherwise, he’s in a modern city such immured in the tomb tightly, and doomed.

I repeat: the work – not the mushrooms, to go and look. Work (in economic, not physical sense) is the access to processing resources of the territory. Work or is there – or not. And when her offer to «search» – I suggest to find a black cat in a dark room, without specifying if there it…

What happens if one has resources, and the other they are not and no one moderates the situation? It is clear as well: it starts blackmail, grubesic in non-stop mode.

– Die? – asks the owner of the resource have left out. And cut I you hopak for a penny… a penny for Polgara… And I’ll see – if I like your dance… don’t like a quarter of a penny will get…

And to answer that deprived?

History has given the answer: with a bludgeon in the woods or with the revolutionary generals sailors on bayonets to throw. Some other answer not deprived. And to live without access to consumer resources intolerable, and access to them from the «owner» (the usurper) is unbearable. Seeing that you have no way out, you just start cutting, exploiting the instinct of self-preservation. The simple desire to survive starts to beat more and more terrible conditions, without which you go nuts and skiff.

This situation needs to be moderate – for this was the state. Besides him there is no one to moderate. Sheep are unable to amicably negotiate with the wolf and the mouse with the cat. And let no one deceive caused by the blackmail of survival external obedience and external bessovestnoi victims of bullying.

It is not their position in life, camouflage, mimicry for survival. A gentleman in the face – you just smile and pretend you’re nice… And inside the accumulated hatred, add up the scores to all the rich, and one day, if you do not bleed steam – the boiler explodes. After that resignation, which was built all the calculations oppressors – in fact, feigned, false. A person realizes how cruelly he had been treated by the state and home life, but pretends that he does not understand. Pretending that everyone is happy.

He’s already angry and threw the oppressors rejoice: see, say, used! Does not argue, do not go to rallies, pickets should not… In fact people screaming retains faith in the possibility to agree with the people yelling. But silently and mysteriously smiling – kind of faith is already lost. For him, silently uteruses, the oppressors – not a party to the negotiations, and the potential corpses.

The state has no right to offer its citizens «to find» means of livelihood. It is their responsibility to provide. If a citizen will find a better deal – his business. Want to hire a lawyer – your right. But if you do not have to hire a lawyer – you will be given a state advocate… Why in the proceedings is absolutely clear to everyone, and in economic policy – no?

If the state does not create the basic conditions and sizes of remuneration – that private business is moving from stick to stick. It is understandable when a person has a choice, he will not agree to work on any terms, for any payment. And when there is no choice – it can dictate the mode of blackmail any conditions…

Revolution revolutionaries did not do. It makes those cynical attitude to the citizen, to the questions of life and survival put people in intolerable conditions in the regime of blatant social injustice.

And Woe to those who are not aware of acutely!

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