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Drivers prompted, on which disks it is better to go in winter

Водителям подсказали, на каких дисках лучше ездить зимойWhy forged wheels are better.

Many drivers know that in winter time it is better to use forged wheels and cast to leave before the summer period.

Often regular drives in cold weather are chosen due to the fact that in the winter to see the beauty of disc is simply impossible, as they are stained with mud, frost or snow. Therefore, aesthetics is not the main thing, which is worth paying attention to.

Another reason, which drivers use in winter stamped discs, is treating roads with various chemical reagents. Chemistry affects all disks, so beautiful and expensive alloy wheels, drivers just sorry.

Given the fact that in winter, the road quality deteriorates significantly, the risk to «fly» into the pit is greatly increased. When getting into such a situation, the drives can be corrupted. In this case, the «cliches» driver if you want, maybe straighten. But, that alloy wheel restore is sometimes impossible.

Buying forged wheels, you can save considerably, as they are cheaper cast wheels. Of course, if the driver can afford to regularly change the tires, buying new kits, you can choose any option. But, nevertheless, experienced motorists are still advised to choose «stamps», as they are more reliable.

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