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Discovered potentially hazardous to Earth asteroid

Обнаружен потенциально опасный для Земли астероидHe has his own satellite.

Monday, January 7, astronomers observing celestial bodies by using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico detected a potentially dangerous for the Earth asteroid in 2016 AZ8, which has its own satellite. About the discovery said in a statement on the website of the telescope.

«Today we saw our first near-earth asteroid of the year 2016 AZ8, and found that he has a Moon! The larger body has a diameter of at least 400 m and not less than two times larger than the moon, which is at a distance of not less than 400 m (from him – ed.)», — stated in the message.

So, the asteroid was first discovered by scientists in 2012 and it belongs to the group of Apollo. Asteroids of this group regularly cross the Earth’s orbit, so are potentially dangerous.

A heavenly body passed at a distance of about 4,45 million km from our planet.

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