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Dangerous patriotism: the liberal democratic party teaches students to shoot and throw knives

Опасный патриотизм: ЛДПР учит школьников стрелять и метать ножи

The tragedy in Kerch, where 18-year-old student at a local College, killed 20 people, as always, have sparked a wave — say, to blame violent computer games, students watch violent movies. Well, the question is where he learned to shoot? Meanwhile, students are actively taught to shoot and not the monitor.

For example, miggerrtis in his Live Journal talks about the preparations for the upcoming November holiday: «for the sake of ethnic harmony and unity of the liberal democratic party will teach Teens to throw grenades and aiming to shoot.

St. Petersburg branch of LDPR on the eve of the state holiday the Day of national unity, holds a Patriotic festival. To achieve interethnic and interreligious harmony, according to the organizers, you can use throwing knives or the quality of Assembly of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

As reported by the party press service, «the youth representatives of different faiths and political parties» waiting for the festival «Harmony-2018», which will be held in St. Petersburg on October 27. The purpose of the event was multi-layered: «domestic, linguistic and socio-cultural adaptation of different faiths, strengthening inter-ethnic harmony and civil unity, development of interregional and international interaction of young people; formation of healthy lifestyle of youth.»


To achieve the stated goal the following tools:

– throwing grenades into the target,

– throwing knives,

sight air rifle shooting,

– push-UPS,

– Assembly/disassembly of the AK-74,

– chin-up

– long jump,

– transportation of the wounded.»


From widespread press release it follows that the festival will be held in the form of training credit. Participants will be divided into teams, and on the principle of circular motion they will have to take discipline. Takes into account not only the result but also the speed.»

And this is just one example — not only and not so much the liberal democratic party holds such a Patriotic education.

Опасный патриотизм: ЛДПР учит школьников стрелять и метать ножи 


Photo: Telegram channel 338

«From yesterday’s show about Kerch arrow: «He had somewhere learned to shoot like that!», notes Twitter «pipe Economy». — Photos from the children’s camp Artek, but of course American movies and computer games are to blame».

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