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Honored artist Mikhail Efremov marks 55


Mikhail Efremov — a great Russian artist. Who would doubt! But somehow expected of him or of scandal, or political statements. Is he a brawler? What is he, a politician?..   photo: Sergey Nikolaev   But Misha can play everything from blades of grass to a drunken ballerina. How Nikulin, …

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Hollywood star first became a mother


The model gave birth to a daughter. 26-year-old model Kate Upton gave birth to first child! The star and her 35-year-old wife of Justin Verlander a daughter. You know Upton said in his Instagram and shared the first picture of a newborn. «Genevieve Upton Verlander. 7 Nov 2018», — signed …

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Ex-wife Potap boasted grown-up daughter


The ex-wife of Potapov went to the fashion show with her daughter.Irina Gorovaya and her daughter Natalia came to the presentation of H&M and Moschino. At the presentation of the collaboration between H&M and Moschino Irina Gorovaya there was not one, and accompanied by his daughter Natalia. In the personal …

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Cheap and foolish: the series «Godunov» is not tenable


Instead, the historical drama has turned out low-budget schlock pseudohistorica, in another attempt to make «the Magnificent century» for free On «Russia 1» started loudly announced the broadcast of the show «Godunov». In the opinion of TV is «the Main premiere of the year», the show that will tell the …

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54-year-old brad pitt has changed


Over the past few months the actor has gotten himself in great shape.Recently 54-year-old brad pitt rarely attends social events. However, the award ceremony of Hollywood Film Awards the actor couldn’t miss. Guests of the evening drew attention to the fact that pitt looked great. 54-year-old brad pitt and 43-year-old …

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The dancing show was injured another participant


This time the injury was Yulia sakhnevich. On channel 1+1 was held for the eleventh live of the dance project «Dances with stars z 2018». The issue was conducted by the Yury Gorbunov and the company is in the starry balcony showman made the comedian of the country and the …

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Olga Sumskaya boasted a ring of roksolany


The actress remembered that her most impressive in the filming of «Roksolana». Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, for which Cupid is an iconic role, remembered that her most impressive during the filming of the series «Magnificent century. Roksolana». The actress loved the jewels (called Lal) Hürrem Sultan — unique ring 86 …

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Michelle Andrade has changed beyond recognition


The singer showed spectacular Halloween costume In honor of Halloween, Michelle Andrade, published in his microblog photo theme. This picture was taken on the set of «dancing with the stars», the theme of the last issue which was all saints Day. In the photo, Michelle is depicted in a dress …

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