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The soloist of «Time and glass» has changed dramatically


Nadia Dorofeeva changed her image.Singer Nadia Dorofeeva often experimenting with his looks. The actress surprised fans with different images not just the clips. It is open to experimentation in life. Long time Nadia Dorofeeva went with Ombre, but recently decided to change the color. Nadia Dorofeeva decided to change the …

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Fans of Ani Lorak found hidden meaning in her new song


A song about Murat wrote»: the reaction of social networks on the new hit Ani Lorak On 18 October, a famous singer Ani Lorak, which, according to media reports, is divorcing her husband, presented a new composition, «Sleep.» «For me, this song is an experiment, because we first cooperate with …

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The star of «Quarter-95» boasted grown up daughter


Kate posed with her favorite toy.Luxurious and very caring mother of three children Elena Kravetz very rarely publish any photos in your Instagram account. And their baby twins there is very welcome for all fans of star Actresses, so their photos are always collected a record number of hearts and …

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Nadia Dorofeeva showed how her fall


The singer visited Poltava. Popular Ukrainian singer and showwoman Nadia Dorofeeva showed subscribers how holds the «perfect» fall. The corresponding picture she posted on his page in Instagram. «Perfect autumn», — said in the caption to the picture. Note that in the geolocation to a photo it is visible that …

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I watched in the USSR on TV 40 years ago


Today people are spoiled. The Internet, television regular, television pay-per-view hundreds of channels. There is a kind of informational gluttony. And those who did not catch the tube Brezhnev of the USSR 70-ies, it is very difficult to imagine how it was there? Of course, today, it is impossible authentic …

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«Petrov and Bocharov» took place in Russian folklore


Alleged Russian secret service Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov, which the West accused of poisoning ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury in March 2018, has already occupied a firm place in Russian folklore. They are not only told anecdotes, but also compose songs, poems. They became …

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Ukrainian singer revealed Breasts in tight latex


Dasha Astafieva presented a provocative clip.Famous Ukrainian singer, actress and model Dasha Astafieva has unveiled a sensual video for a new song called Fetish. In the new clip, Dasha Astafieva appeared before the audience in three different images. First – sexual. The singer was dressed in a latex jumpsuit with …

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