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The dancing show was injured another participant


This time the injury was Yulia sakhnevich. On channel 1+1 was held for the eleventh live of the dance project «Dances with stars z 2018». The issue was conducted by the Yury Gorbunov and the company is in the starry balcony showman made the comedian of the country and the …

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Olga Sumskaya boasted a ring of roksolany


The actress remembered that her most impressive in the filming of «Roksolana». Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, for which Cupid is an iconic role, remembered that her most impressive during the filming of the series «Magnificent century. Roksolana». The actress loved the jewels (called Lal) Hürrem Sultan — unique ring 86 …

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Michelle Andrade has changed beyond recognition


The singer showed spectacular Halloween costume In honor of Halloween, Michelle Andrade, published in his microblog photo theme. This picture was taken on the set of «dancing with the stars», the theme of the last issue which was all saints Day. In the photo, Michelle is depicted in a dress …

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Well-known presenter told how to spend the money


Sergey Pritula has admitted that in himself he is not so much money.Showman, presenter and public figure Serhiy Prytula, who recently urged Ukrainians to help the paramedics and snipers, admitted that he did not know how much it earns per month. During your stay in Chicago with «Var Atami» he …

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Abode promised


The reason for writing this article was the unexpected call from Moscow from the editor of a glossy travel magazine. «Write something about Novgorod – asked Anton. That there you have this year built tourist?» «The bike path to the Khutyn monastery,» I called without thinking. «Too small. Well, the …

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Famous Ukrainian singer boasted grown up daughter


The singer regularly rest of Turkey.Popular Ukrainian singer Yana Solomko dispelled stereotypes about their viability. Subscribers have noticed that the singer regularly rest of Turkey. On this basis, they concluded that Ian is literally «awash» in money. She did not deny anything, however, shed light on the situation noting that …

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Fans will recognize Dasha Astafiev


Singer repainted in red, hitting the fans.Famous Ukrainian singer and actress Dasha Astafieva often shared with fans in Instagram snapshots of life and different photo shoots Recently Dasha Astafieva decided to hit fans with a new bright picture. In the photo the star posing with bright makeup, and she dressed …

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In Kiev came a world famous singer


The singer arrived for the shooting. Popular Hollywood singer and actress Miley Cyrus visited Kiev. The actress was noticed by the residents in the Central district — the video Miley posted, but soon removed. According to rumors, the singer makes in the Ukrainian capital, new video, sports (football) theme. Due …

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The star of «Game of thrones» married


The strongest man in the world is no longer a bachelor. Grigor «the Mountain» Clegane from «Game of thrones», a former basketball player and the most powerful man in the world is no longer a bachelor at the weekend he admitted that he married his sweetheart, the former waitress Kelsey …

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