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Crossover Audi got feature game stations

Кроссовер Audi получил функцию игровой станции The company introduces a new entertainment system for drivers.

A completely new type of entertainment in the car, Audi announced before the opening of the CES show-2019 in Las Vegas was not even one, but several developments, which we describe in detail. First and foremost, is a game in which a car plays the role of a spaceship of the heroes of the marvel «Guardians» and «Avengers».

In particular, the companion of people there will be a Rocket. This is a reasonable raccoon, one of the characters of the universe Marvel, which will appear, in addition to «Detention» in the movie Avengers: Endgame («the Avengers: Finale»), coming out this spring. The game is called Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run («the Avengers Marvel: rescue Rocket») and created by such companies as Disney Games and Interactive Experiences.

The range of innovations, Audi shown at the current CES, wasn’t entirely a computer game in the cabin, however, by design, it is one of the most unusual.

In this case, it is not a trivial game on the Central screen of the car. Passengers in the back seat «of the throne» (he used the project as a basis, that is, the virtual reality platform) wear computer glasses displays and right while driving real cars «go into space». Special feature — accurate and instant communication of the movement of live car and vehicle in the game. The driver turns right at some intersection, and the vehicle performs such a maneuver, only to loop around an asteroid or other space object. But passengers feel the real side overload in full accordance with the picture in front of them.

Accelerated electrocreaser on the road — accelerating vehicle in the game slows down, the machine slows down the ship. Judging by the remote control in the hands of one of the subjects, passengers are at the mercy given shooting asteroids.

Through its subsidiary, Audi Electronics Venture, Ingolstadt automaker he co-founded a startup holoride GmbH, who will be engaged in improvement of an interactive platform for gaming machine and its commercialization. And she is expected in three years. In the Audi Electronics and was developed this system, and now Audi intends to transfer holoride the license for the technology.

It uses the open source framework, suggesting further involvement of other manufacturers and content developers in expanding this augmented reality other games or formats of entertainment. It all together (movies, games, interactive programs) is called the Audi Experience Ride «experience in the trip in which he touched on all the senses,» explained the company.

Among the developments shown by Audi, and was cellular machine infrastructure type Cellular-V2X (C-V2X). It allows the driver to see better around the atmosphere and reduces the risk of accidents.

In General, the theme of entertainment content, communications with the outside world and services a recurrent theme in the exposition Audi in Vegas, where the company brought already known unmanned concept Aicon, and a number of models of shops in which the screens were shown various facilities like online ordering of functions on demand.

The Germans say that through the app, it will be possible to retrofit my car after buying, say, route planner, or contact with the service of charging electric cars or to improve the lights, paying for options or selecting from a subscription, paid monthly.

Features digital exterior mirrors and other advanced electronics like the unusual (again, interactive and digital) lighting systems, devices for charging of electric cars and even the problem of communication drones with pedestrians is also reflected on the show in America (a number of the exhibits are not covered in this review were in our «close-up»).

In the «home theater» Audi car plays the role of the audience. And this does not mean that the people inside just watching a movie on the screen ahead. It is much more difficult.

Finally, another amazing development: interactive theatre in the car called Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment. In some ways this system is at its core the idea of the opposite first described the game in virtual reality. There’s movements of this car on the street or highway synchronously turned into a movement of the «ship in space» here — the action in the film transformirovalsya in the movement of the car, or rather, in a solid, the fluctuations of the body.

The audience experienced in the Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment, said that particularly impressed vibration and shaking of a real machine (aka the auditorium) in combination with impressive sound audio system reproducing the track for the film.

Immersive works Audi in the Parking lot. That is, when the screen in the car or on the big screen in front of the car characters in the film jump off the roof, a real sedan, which sit the audience, like falls down. If the movie shows the chase and given the view from the interior of the car, a real car jumping and shaking in sync with the one displayed on the screen: here it comes in the active suspension «and is the eighth», is synchronized with the film’s plot. It is in this synchronization is the main highlight of the cinema from the four rings. The timing of implementation of such a complex in a series of the Germans said.

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