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Chevrolet is preparing «the most advanced pickup»

Chevrolet готовит «самый продвинутый пикап»The Chevrolet Silverado HD received a completely new design.

Chevrolet has announced a new generation of heavy truck Silverado HD, which are already calling the «most advanced» in the family. The truck promised outstanding performance of duty and two completely new engines, including the extremely high-torque diesel.

The Chevrolet Silverado HD received a completely new design: the Creator of his appearance Brian Izard said that he tried to achieve visual Association with a certain heavy industrial equipment, thus underlining the new features of the truck. It is almost completely designed from scratch: with the youngest member of the family, Silverado 1500, new share only the roof panel.

It is alleged that the truck will surpass the previous generation in terms of quantities transported and towed load, but accurate data manufacturer until calls. But it is known that the base engine for the Silverado HD will be a completely new petrol engine with direct injection mated to six-speed transmission. The truck will get a 6.6-liter diesel Duramax V8 that develops 1 234 Nm of torque — he will work with 10-speed automatic Allison.

It is also known that the truck has grown in size, but these numbers not yet published: announced only that the space for feet of passengers increased by 7.5 cm, and the seats are mounted higher than previously. It is also reported that in order to facilitate access to the loading platform, engineers had to provide a special pick-up footrests, which received its own name Bedstep.

Sales of the Chevrolet Silverado HD is supposed to start in the middle of next year. Compete truck will have with the family of the Ford Super Duty and heavy duty pickup trucks brand Ram.

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