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Cheap and foolish: the series «Godunov» is not tenable

Дешево и глупо: сериал "Годунов" не выдерживает критики

Instead, the historical drama has turned out low-budget schlock pseudohistorica, in another attempt to make «the Magnificent century» for free

On «Russia 1» started loudly announced the broadcast of the show «Godunov». In the opinion of TV is «the Main premiere of the year», the show that will tell the truth about how love saved Russia in troubled times. In fact, it was low-budget garbage, the prototype for which was «the Magnificent century», filmed for little money, virtually no extras, and almost without compliance with the historical realities — praised Prime Minister Valery Grachikov:

What do we have? We have a series in which all the money was spent in the best case for the fees of the cast. The Central role Bezrukov, Bezrukov who plays the role of Godunov. Viktor Sukhorukov mocked Malyuta Skuratov. Grigory Lukyanovich in heaven must be very happy that all this bullying lasted only one series, because then Malyuta killed, as in reality. Of course, he died behind the scenes, because otherwise I would have had to remove the battle, and that money and stunt in the series did not deliver.

Дешево и глупо: сериал "Годунов" не выдерживает критики 

The only joy of the actors suddenly looks good Sergei Makovetsky, who plays Ivan the terrible. The king turned. In any case, in comparison with the rest of the cardboard. The rest of the acting is completely hazy, watching the horror can only be because of the king. Of course, given the fact that Makovetsky has to bear all the insanity which laid writers. And of course it is not necessary to remember the best of Ivan the terrible, played by Yakovlev in «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation». There was the king. Yes, in the Comedy, which history has not the slightest relationship the king played better.

Costumes. As usual, with at least some semblance of historical reality in terms of costumes and the General surroundings are not strained. To hire the club re-enactors, who do it right and authentic? No, have not tried, the Director sees it your way. Well, then, figley steam when there are props from the «Sofia» and the other «Golden Horde». It is quite possible to use. But at the same time to take the clothes to some productions about Peter I, dump everything together and say that this is definitely the XVI century. Clothing it is not modern – so it’s a XVI century. However, the stocks with the outfits sin all the series, but the pseudo-Russian in particular.

Дешево и глупо: сериал "Годунов" не выдерживает критики 

Now, regarding the historicity of the whole nightmare. Maybe there about telling the story, since the acting and costumes did not work? No, don’t tell. No, the General outline of events, of course, complied with all tales and stories. But then complete darkness.

It all starts with the fact that the young Boriska Godunov employed in the guardsmen to Malyuta Skuratov. And there, among the oprichnina army, which are as much as 4 people, as a member is shuiski. Shuiski, Carl, as a member of the Oprichnik! And even then it Malyuta Skuratov and banishes trust, they say, is not justified! And it is, sorry, nonsense. Because in reality even close to such could not be. Because if the entire vicinity Malyuta, Ivan the terrible, Grigory Lukyanovich Skuratov-Belsky (full name Malyuta) even close to a candle at the gentility and nobility were not good Shuisky and the same number couldn’t be done by definition.

Дешево и глупо: сериал "Годунов" не выдерживает критики 


And was not Malyuta, as in this pseudo-series, the second man in the state. And even the third was not. And in General was just a detective by Ivan. Yes, the chief of the political investigation. Yes, was one of the first in the oprichnina. Yeah, if Ivan the terrible ordered bent would present Basil Shuisky the RAM’s horn. If. But while the king ordered the place Malyuta was, shall we say, much lower to the floor.

In the first series there was even a place for military battles. Well as the military. All oprichnina army of four people on the orders of Malyuta should kill the prisoners in the basement. But something goes wrong and the prisoners almost kill the guardsmen. Only a miracle saved Maluta and Godunov, and Boriska also a life Malyuta saves. That is, in the opinion of the writers, Malyuta so dumb and stupid that can’t even competently organize the massacre. Darkness and stupidity.

And, by the way, not without the famous jokes that the guardsmen were tied to the saddles of a broom. Here it is also tied to the saddle of a standing horse. Even seen in the series to go with the bound broom there were no fools, and would be worth a try before copying the fables that the guardsmen of German mercenaries, included in your memories, to amuse the crowd. By the way, generally, if it is to uphold the historicity, there is still the dog’s head should have been. Why not tie? Animal welfare activists were afraid?

The crowd there. As a guard of honor in one of the episodes there are already half a dozen archers, dressed in God knows what. Because once the archers, then you need the red coats. And generally the crowd is typically 20-30 people – more money is not enough.

Ivan the terrible decides. For example, Godunov appoints a steward or decides to give England a monopoly (a monopoly, Carl, England, in the XVI century!!! Then such words are never heard and certainly not that said) for the weapons. Lend-lease, damn, XVI century. Boyar Duma? No, not heard to her crowd need to collect and costumes to sew again. The same 20 people need to shoot to attract, ruin what! Damn, props from the movie «Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession» would have found the chests. And what would happen.

And also the important role is played by the beautiful carved chess, in which the intention of the writer likes to play Ivan the terrible. That’s just to play it, as it turns out, is not able, because at one point, Godunov puts his mate in one move. And terrible, which is kind of like a good chess player, does not see how he can beat the enemy. Interestingly, the writer generally chess once played? Well, other moments, like the fact that Ivan the terrible dealt with his son. Well, there – drama will not. Fyodor Ivanovich Godunov Irina meets in the Church and falls in love at first sight and then marry. Heir. Throne.

Anyway, here it is, in fact, in the series, and most importantly – everyone falls in love at first sight, a love, a missing lover. And the whole story then goes to the background Shur-Mur. In General the «Godunov» pseudohistorica low-budget quickie, with an attempt once again to make «the Magnificent century» for free, to all necessary and interested parties had the bread with oil.

To watch this nightmare or not – you decide. But in General, it’s another gloomy darkness. No better than «Sophia». Only Makovetsky as a formidable and saves this game.

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