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Called the ingredients for dinner, slimming

Названы продукты для ужина, способствующие похудениюDinner should be light.

The human body reacts badly to the famine, scientists say, this encourages him to accumulate adipose tissue to replenish the missing calories. Experts have called products, the use of which at night not only helps not to suffer from hunger, but also promotes weight loss.

Nutritionists explained that if a person takes food before bedtime and go to sleep, heroically suppressing the pangs of hunger, the morning Breakfast will go to the formation of fat reserve instead of spending it on the maintenance of metabolism. Scientists suggest not to limit yourself to food.

What according to them is useful at a late hour?

Experts recommend that to satisfy your hunger late at night dairy products — their easy protein is not deposited in the form of extra fat. Also in the evening you can drink a glass of milk: it also is a source of protein, but also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes calmness and good sleep.

Useful for fight hunger pangs eggs, whose protein is one hundred percent dietary product. Also great to use late in the evening poultry — there are practically no carbohydrates. The same range of products that promote active metabolism, and white fish.

The experts advise to eat meals in the late hours of the day and steamed vegetables prepared without butter and little salt is added – such foods stimulates the elimination of toxins from the intestines. You can and should eat berries: they have very few calories, plenty of vitamins.

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