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The Americans told about the main failure of the su-57


Serial production of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 has stalled because of the lack of a suitable powerplant, the portal writes The Drive. Image: YouTube Military observers of the portal Joseph Trevithick and Tyler Rogoway believe that the production of engines of the second stage is «Product …

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What Samara diocese is fighting with a pig farm


In the Samara region continue to monitor the scandal in the village Tashla, where neighbors pig farm and is known far beyond the region of the Holy source. Some social activists argue that the owner of the pig farm did not take out the waste and there’s burning the carcasses …

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Putin has allowed the owners of hunting weapons to equip ammo


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the owners of hunting and sporting weapons themselves to equip ammunition. According to the amendments to the Federal law «On weapons», the amendments provide for the need of training independent of loading of cartridges to the owners of such weapons. Citizens who …

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Media: Russian hypersonic «Dagger» successfully tested


Russian missile complex «Dagger» was the next successful test of hitting a target at a distance of over 800 km. As reported by CNBC, citing a us intelligence report, it was the third test of hypersonic missile «Dagger» class «air-ground». According to the source channel, the report notes that the …

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Trump: who Iran is against us!


The current us President consistently holds the title of best female twittershare. This time in his microblog trump ran into Iran, and along the way he wagged his finger around the world: «Sanctions against Iran was officially introduced. This is the most stringent sanctions ever imposed, and in November they …

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