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The Americans called the Russian tank is the most deadly


American experts have called the Russian tank is the most deadly in the world at the moment. We are talking about the car T-90A. The rating of the tanks was published by the National Interest, reports channel 360. In particular, the experts drew attention to the missiles, «Reflex», which is …

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The validator is theft, meter protest


«Divorce suckers» has long been normal for Russia, a way of dressing, and at all levels. A friend told me about overheard in the tram conversation technicians serving the validators. Apparently, the shared professional secrets with the Intern. Show full profile… it Turns out, often at the last door public …

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«It’s time to do business» finally flew


On 11 November, with the third series of attempts, finally, went in flight, the first commercial mission of the launch vehicle Electron «It’s Business Time» («Time to do business»). The launch was successful, and now, as if arguing with an eight-month returns, Rocket Lab is going to test your ability …

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The less smart competitors, the better ?


Published analytical article the vivid memories of a Professor of mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow state University Yuliya Ilyashenko on the post-war «Golden years of mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow state University» development of domestic science, and about why and how later in the late 60’s «started to decline for …

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Russia may suspend timber sales in China


Russia plans to limit the export of timber to China because of the problems of reforestation and «black deforestation». Writes about this TASS with reference to the statement by the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Dmitry Kobylkin, the Federation Council. «China is the main market, where it …

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