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Local signs of the weather the summer of 2016


Let’s start a conversation about what we can expect weather of the upcoming summer, with the question: «And when it is considered that the summer has come?» It is commonly believed that summer begins with the first of June, and even before the first spring. But of farmers, workers of …

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Roach lake


The late spring and early summer are the best times for float fishing. It was at this time when the water has not had time to «boil» from the summer heat, and the fish are spawning or spawn, and it’s a great time to hunt for big roach. The beauty …

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Fishing — always a holiday


Hard to find someone who likes to travel, and fisherman, who travels without a fishing rod. So when we are talking about a business trip to Chicago (and this was in September last year), I first thought of a possible STI it is interesting to go fishing. Forgive me, my …

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About the dangers of refined oil. Without emotion. Just the facts.


«Let your food be medicine». Hippocrates Through food is very simple to manage the company. Taste preferences make a person weak and dependent. Control over core products, without exaggeration, gives control over the ideology of the society. Today about product killer, which is actively promoted and almost universally used. Talking …

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In Russia created especially for tank combat in the city


This machine may be interested in a number of middle Eastern countries. Upgraded T-72 tank, which is intended to conduct urban combat, was presented by the Russian manufacturers at the international exhibition in Kazakhstan. The main difference from the classic T-72 — enhanced protection, bullet-proof cabin for firing the machine …

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Three days of coastal jig


On the last three trips to the Volgograd reservoir (jig from shore) conducted some experiments on the size and color of lures. Sensation did not happen, but it was not boring. Honestly I tried to mount the bait with the two crown rings. Out of five attempts, and the mass …

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Fishing — walking distance


To go fishing before dawn, gathered in advance, to throw the rod on the dawn is, of course, perfect! But not always… And then comes to the rescue of the house closest to the pond, to which reach. Here you can spend a couple of hours with your favorite hobby. …

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