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Alcoholism: five reasons to abandon the coding


The term «coding» appeared 1984, when Alexander Romanovich Dovzhenko patented his unique method for the treatment of alcoholism. Later, narcologists and psychotherapists have developed other methods, with different mechanisms, but a single principle of influence: «if you Drink – you die.» Drinkers perceive coding as a panacea for alcohol dependence. …

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Weapons of mass destruction


This material was published in 2006 In the General history of the Second world war, the battle of Bryansk looks battle unimportant, at best worthy of mention in the footnotes. But all Bryansk has won its place in history. It is there that is unknown at the time the tank …

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Maduro: if necessary, Venezuela will take up arms


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that if necessary, his country would take up arms, reports El Universal. «We protect the freedom of the country that it would continue to remain a free, sovereign, democratic, if one day we will fall to the lot to take up the rifle, we’ll do …

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Residents of the city drowning in its own garbage


The fact that two days ago happened in the village Hrybovychi Large a few kilometers from the line Lviv – other than a warning and even a sign, not name. Monday, may 30, around 15-20, suddenly collapsed, a huge garbage dump – by the way, the only one in the …

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Want to die? Ask me how!


Today is the first day of summer and the CPS «delighted» by the St. Petersburg news that we are officially allowed to bathe only in one pond. Without exception, water bodies, located in the city literally teeming with pathogens of intestinal diseases, viruses hepatitis A and parasites. As always, before …

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After The Crimea. What will be the new global world order


In the Crimean Federal University (KFU) held a lecture-seminar on «Russian interests in the conditions of growth of the various companies due to the influx of other cultures», which made the chief editor of the magazine «Russia in global Affairs, Chairman of the Council on foreign and defense policy (SWAP) …

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What causes extra weight


There are hundreds of diets and products that assure that will help to find the answer to this question. However, the basic formula for losing weight never changes. In order to lose weight you must expend more energy than to. This can be achieved by reducing calorie intake (diet) and …

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Golden haircut Europe


Getting closer and closer to a referendum on UK independence from the EU. It will be held June 23. Increasingly the debate about the prospects for the upcoming vote. But especially touches something, when in dispute regarding the correctness of this step with the Brits come the representatives of the …

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Kalashnikov wants to create a new gun for the national guard


A tender for the development of the new assault machine gun «KORD is 5.45» for the Federal service of national guard troops (FSWG) Russia will become a competitive field of Russian producers of small arms. The application form for participation in the contest will submit the Degtyarev plant and its …

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MPs have supported a ban of hostels in apartments


The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill prohibiting the use of apartments in residential buildings to organize them in hotels and hostels. On Monday, may 13, reports video News Service. The deputies unanimously supported the document as presented. The authors propose to amend the Housing code (ZHK) …

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