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The Russian military will be able to destroy US drones wholesale


United instrument manufacturing Corporation (included in «rostec») is pleased once again that the experts have created a means of countering groups impact of mini-drones: «Such weapons in Russia is already created. It does not destroy the drones physically, not creating interference, and guaranteed to incapacitate electronic onboard systems, turning the …

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Vain hope. Could the ruble become a reserve currency


The money, which no one should have no independent value: at best, they provide an opportunity to buy them for «real money» on a steady course. For more than 70 years, the world lives with a single global currency — us dollar. Before I developed this system, similar was the …

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Became people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin


Personastars In Moscow at the age of 101 years, died theater and film actor Vladimir Zeldin. People’s artist of the USSR did not October 31, at 9 a.m., according to RIA «Novosti». Vladimir died in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute, this information was also confirmed by his …

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Victoria Lopyreva showed ample Breasts


instagram.com Model Victoria Lopyreva leads an active life in social networks: her Instagram is one of the most popular. Hot photo blonde arouse a storm of enthusiasm among bloggers. So this time, «Miss Russia-2003» has decided to share another racy frame. Vika is now in the Emirates, so on the …

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Track Pathfinder


  Dersu Uzala has already become a legend. The films, he appears in verse and prose by many different authors. His name take myself as «nicknames» members of hunting forums, and in our lexicon he entered thoroughly: «I, Too, Dersu Uzala», «what are You, Dersu Uzala?» Meanwhile, there is a …

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For healthy roots


Shortly before the arrival of cold weather with the freezing of the soil and the first newly-fallen snow with her snow apparel I go to the familiar lowland forest for medicinal roots of galangal, or, as it is they call people, usica. It is at this time gaining underground parts …

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Autumn bream on the course


Bream along the outline looks similar to a bream, but only in the eyes of the inexperienced angler. This fish is common in almost all the European territory. The only limit in distribution is the water temperature. In ponds where water temperature in summer months is below 16 ° C, …

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