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There were pictures of the electric universal Porsche


Taycan will consist of versions of Carrera, Carrera S and Turbo. On public roads for the first time managed to photograph the prototype electric Porsche Taycan station wagon. According to rumors, the version of the Sport Turismo will appear in the «green» line-up of brand in a few years. Same …

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Hyundai will produce «intuitive» cars


The car will be able to think and analyze the situation on the road. Autonomous cars Hyundai be able to match that person. American technology startups Perseptive Automata will allow them to predict the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users with the help of «intuition». Hyundai Motor company …

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Audi was fined 800 million euros: the reason


«Deselect» will cost Audi is very expensive.Munich prosecutors have issued instructions about the imposition on the company Audi is a fine in the amount of € 800 million. The manufacturer was convicted of data manipulation and emission of illegally obtaining economic benefits. The Prosecutor’s decision will not be challenged. By …

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Audi will change the logo


New options may appear on the Audi new products. The German company Audi will introduce several new logos in addition to the traditional crossover circuits. The company has already submitted sketches for registration in the patent office of Germany and the United States. On one of the thumbnails depicted the …

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Named the most reliable cars


Experts have made a rating of the five most reliable cars The experts of the Association of technical supervision TUV, which specializiruetsya on carrying out technical inspections of vehicles in Germany, was rated the most reliable cars on the basis of research and information dealerships. The list includes five models, …

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Genesis presented the first electric car


Genesis Essentia became the first electric cars of the brand.On the new York exhibition the company’s employees, producing a new brand of electric car, Genesis, has unveiled its new car. This concept coupe, created in his own Studio company representatives Bugatti and Bentley. This is the first car in the …

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Named the best cars that you can buy online


These cars you can buy without leaving home. On the Internet sell a lot of different cars. We offer you 10 of the best machines that you can buy online right now. Audi RS6 Avant — $93,500 This station wagon Audi RS6 Avant (see above) drove the British Prince Harry. …

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Volvo has been developing its own artificial intelligence


AI will appear in cars soon. Now new supercomputer handles data from 27 different type of sensors (primarily cameras and radar) and its development continues. A lot of car manufacturers now have powerful computers that will soon replace the drivers. The Swedish company Volvo introduced the Zeus supercomputer, which is …

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