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The Network has shown the most rare types of engines


Devices differ in design and design. The engine is an integral component of any vehicle. Of course, depending on the capacity and technical indicators the aggregates are divided. Moreover, there is a difference in manufacturers. Some designers, developing engines, first of all try to create an extraordinary engine that will …

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Geely and Volvo will combine to create a new car


The power of the car is 177 HP More recently, the company Geely has released images of its new crossover, which has similarities with the compact Volvo XC40. The reason for this was the joint platform. That is, this platform called CMA, is considered a joint work by Chinese and …

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Drivers can be allowed not to give the inspectors a driver’s license


In 2019, the police must determine the format of electronic driving licences. Electronic media, according to the head of GIBDD MVD of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov, will save drivers from having to carry documents. The transition to electronic identification of drivers will be a logical continuation of digitalization of …

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How to extend the battery life: expert advice


The battery in the machine is the key device responsible for the on-Board electronics.Experienced drivers know that the main load on it, it is necessary during operation of the vehicle at low and high engine speed or with the motor off. That is why, often the item may prematurely cease …

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Declassified details about the SUV Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020


A completely new version of the model is not far off. Judging by the seen test prototypes of the new Mercedes-Benz GLS, it was like a wider version of the crossover GLE. In front of the big new item is a radiator grille, led headlights with vertical DRL-turn signals, and …

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Experts have named 5 of the best cars for the Russian winter


Automotive columnist Igor Morzharetto has presented the five best cars to drive in Russia during winter. According to him, when choosing a machine the main criteria remain price and reliability. According to the Nation News Agency, is the leader in the rating of the crossover Renault Duster, which, according to …

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The expert explained why it is not necessary to pump the tires


Tire pressure is an important indicator. Many drivers wonder how to determine the optimal tire pressure, how to maintain value in different time of year, what influences this indicator and so on. Often questions arise for one simple reason, drivers are not given this subject due attention, relying upon employees …

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Insiders talked about the return of one of the Lexus models


New stand up on a modular platform from Toyota. According to insider information, the revived Lexus IS F in the base will be equipped with 2.4-liter turbo engine capacity of 320 horsepower. In addition, the sport sedan can get the version with a hybrid power plant, which will include a …

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