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Rolls-Royce will update the most expensive SUV in the world


Cars will be hybrid. New Rolls-Royce Cullinan will soon acquire heavy duty «hot» modification. We already know that it will be hybrid. According to TopGear, the hybrid rolls-Royce Cullinan is already developing, however, its details are kept a closely guarded secret. We only know that it will be more powerful …

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Named machine with the unusual design


10 cars with the most asymmetric body design.Have 99.9% of the cars in the world the right design. But there are machines that look very strange. We offer to your attention 10 cars with the most asymmetric body design. Plymouth XNR ConceptThe Plymouth XNR concept (see the photo above) was …

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Disclosed is the design of a convertible BMW 8 series


It can accelerate to a hundred in 3.7 seconds.The network got photos of the BMW 8 Series 2019. The new convertible, BMW will show a month at the auto show in Los Angeles, and he will arrive early next year. Like the coupe the BMW 8 2019, the version with …

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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the update of the popular model


Model on the market in 2013.Mercedes-Benz CLA is with us since 2013, and the company finally confirmed that the replacement chetyrehdverny coupe will go into production and sales in 2019. For years, Mercedes has been testing prototypes of the CLA, so we knew the debut of the new generation model …

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Chevrolet introduced the Camaro for electric drag racing


Powered installation from the 800-volt battery pack. Chevrolet in collaboration with the pioneers of electric drag racing team Hancock and Lane Racing built battery option COPO Camaro. Prototype eCOPO Camaro, equipped with a power unit 710 forces and 813 Nm of torque, debuted at the SEMA tuning show. Motor eCOPO …

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Tuned under the «Victory» of the BMW was put up for sale


The car looks very unusual. For motorists in Ukraine available «Victory», tuned in the style of Mad Max. The camera captures the car made by «Victory» BMW E36 coupe. Some believe that the car is made like leather – rough «seams» and «patches». Appearance resembles cars from ribbon Mad Max: …

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BMW X2 received unique tuning package


Atelier AC Schnitzer has modified German car. Learn snitsarenko BMW X2 easiest to «triangular» inserts in the air intakes. Other changes are less noticeable, so the tuners have left their autograph on the side moldings. Is the top version xDrive25d (231 HP, 450 Nm), the Germans from AC Schnitzer, the …

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In Ukraine increased the demand for electric cars


Dynamics of sales from quarter to quarter were not uniform. Since the beginning of this year Ukrainians bought 3798 cars that run on electricity. This is 54% more than in the same period last year. It is reported by the Federation of employers of the automotive industry, citing data from …

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Volkswagen made a bid for the crossovers: there will be more


Crossovers are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In Volkswagen decided to focus on the SUV segment. By 2025, the automaker wants crossovers and SUVs took 50% of the total sales. In order to make sales in the crossover segment growing, need a wide range, ensuring the presence in all …

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