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The iconic sports car Porsche sell for $ 60


Speed, luxury and wealth available to all. Become the owner of the legendary sports car now everyone can. Not necessarily to be rich. What are your first associations come to mind when we say «Porsche 911»? Speed, luxury, wealth. So it was and always will be. But now the iconic …

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On the Ukrainian roads you may receive the marking of a new species


Noise bands are used extensively in other countries. The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing is considering the introduction of noise and light markup when designing roads. «These markings can be an effective means of improving traffic safety on our roads. For example, in Finland, Denmark and Sweden of …

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Military vehicles «Bogdan» has got another update


The updated model showed to journalists. According to the commander’s car – pickup «Bogdan-2351» was slightly improved fuel system. But the health car «Bogdan-2251» changes was much more. This includes experience of operating machines in the army, wishes the military. First, there is heating of the body. Second, strengthened structural …

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Named the best way to travel by car


The leading position occupied highway Route 66. Online service travel analyzed hashtags in Instagram and named the most popular ways for car trips. The leading position occupied highway Route 66 in the USA, which starts in Chicago, goes through several States and finishes in Santa Monica, California. In second place …

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The main mistakes made when Parking


These three mistakes are most frequent for novice drivers. Experienced drivers are sure mistakes when Parking to allow only «dummies» who bought a driver’s license or just graduated a driving school. However, judging by what we see daily on the streets, the situation is quite different. We will talk about …

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Mercedes-Benz will release a new series of electric vehicles


In the line of EQ crossover debuts EQC 400 4Matic. German carmaker Mercedes-Benz launches line of electric vehicles EQ. According to the company, the acronym EQ stands for «electronic intelligence.» The first electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz will be all-wheel drive crossover EQC 400 4Matic. According to preliminary data, the car …

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In the Network of «leaked» photos BMW iNEXT


Car becomes a production in 2021.The Internet got photos of the BMW iNEXT. Electric crossover BMW is still considered a concept, but becomes a production in 2021. Its competition will be the Tesla Model X Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQC. Electric car BMW iNEXT built on a new modular platform …

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Tesla allowed customers to charge electric cars for free


The decision was made because of the threat of hurricane «Florence»Tesla has provided the service free of charge for owners of its electric cars in connection with the approaching hurricane “Nightingale” to the coast of the United States. About this manufacturer of electric cars announced on Thursday in his Twitter. …

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Drivers warned of major fall hazards on the road


During the transition period you should frequently check the tire pressure.With the advent of autumn, many motorists, especially beginners, can be some difficulties. Their list did not name short: see for yourself. The flowers of lifeIt would be naive to expect that all kids will go «strunecka», not throwing you …

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Appeared the first images of the new budget Mercedes-AMG


Mercedes-AMG A35 will look different from the «civil» And classesDaimler has published a digest of the youngest model line of Mercedes-AMG. Hatchback with index A35 and an engine capacity of 300 HP will debut in early October at the Paris motor show. In recent years Daimler severely devalued the brand …

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